England rugby ‘almost got lucky’ on Saturday night

England Rugby went into work this morning boasting that it ‘almost got lucky’ on Saturday night.

‘Rugga’, who has not actually got lucky since the ‘special’ summer of 2003, received a rapturous reception from supporters and critics alike after a night of flirting with success in Paris, no less, over the weekend.

Reports suggest the evening began as ominously as most – he was spotted drunkenly staggering around the dance floor with a lack of cohesion, flair and gameplan, despite the meticulous preparation and long build up period.

But as the evening went on he picked up his game and showed signs of abandoning his defensive approach.

Eye witnesses reported several awkward ‘gropes’ and as the night progressed some ‘very serious flirting’ with success.

And although the night ended with a stinging slap in the face from a Frenchman, who had seen his rival staring at his prize, ‘Rugga’ was satisfied with his much ‘improved performance’.

“It was all so close, I came within touching distance,” he said. “But this has definitely given me the belief that I can go on and may be repeat my success of 2003.”

Though, critics are anxious to see if he continues to stagger from near triumph to total disaster over the summer.


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