Hamilton stung: “I didn’t have the pace”

Lewis Hamilton says he is deeply embarrassed after the Formula One racing star failed to escape from police in Australia –  ‘I got the race strategy all wrong and just did not have the pace’ he conceded.

Hamilton was spotted ‘spinning his wheels and fishtailing’ his 2010 silver Mercedes on Friday morning.

But he was not quick enough to elude the Victoria Police, who swooped on their BMXs and roller blades to scupper Hamilton’s get away.

Hamilton’s car was impounded – raising doubts over his participation in a Grand Prix race over the weekend – and forcing him to consider using a rental car in Sunday’s race.

And Hamilton conceded that his team had got their strategy and tactics all wrong.

“We got it wrong big time,” Hamilton admitted. “We are used to planning for more long distance races. And we had prepared a race scenario based on a long chase across the Australia outback – may be along the coast road from Melbourne to Perth.

“It was going to look well cool with helicopters and shit. Just like in the movies.

“Think a modern Thelma and Louise – or may be the Jenson and Lewis.

“But we were just not prepared for that kind of sting. The fuel load was too heavy and the tyres did not get enough traction.

“It was a disaster and I just did not have the acceleration or pace to match the cops on their bikes. And when I stalled, after slowing down at the Kangaroo crossing, it was all over.

“The whole incident is very embarrassing, I am supposed to be the fastest man on four wheels, and formula one world champion, but I was outpaced and caught by cops on BMXs.

“I can only apologise to my fans and endeavour to rebuild my daredevil reputation.”

Hamilton could face charges of failing to push a seriously fast car to its maximum.

* This story is constructed from fiction.


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