Triesman: I never intended to be taken seriously

Bill Hack Chief football correspondent

A rueful and emotional Lord Triesman bid an emotional farewell to the FA yesterday after insisting it was never his intention to be taken seriously in the role of FA chairman or 2018 bid chairman.

Triesman resigned after being caught on tape boasting to a young woman about the world of espionage and political manoeuvring in which he is involved and the enormity of his task in securing the 2018 World Cup.

But the woman, unaware of Lord Triesman’s bungling and clown-like reputation, took the FA chairman seriously.

“It is with deep regret that I leave my position of chief clown of the FA,” he said. “As is clear from my conduct over the past few years, I have never attempted to be taken seriously.

“Unfortunately some people in this life insist on taking senior public figures at their word and believe they are being honest and true. That is most disturbing and something that we must look at as a society.”

* This story is untrue


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