Capello: We’ll See If Green Has A Breakdown



Bill Hack Chief football correspondent

Don Fabio Capello will test Rob Green’s mental state ahead of England’s World Cup encounter with Algeria by subjecting him to hours of personal torture before delivering the biggest news of his career seconds before the game.

The goalkeeper’s place in the starting XI is under pressure following his disastrous mistake against the United States in the opening game.

Don Fabio is refusing to reveal whether the goalkeeper will play in tonight’s game as he continues to examine Green’s mental state.

“We will give him a late fitness test,” Don Fabio confirmed. “If the shock of playing against Algeria gives him a heart attack…. then he won’t play.

“It will test his strength, his balls, his cajones. I will push his nerves to breaking point and if they snap I know he is not my man.”

David James and Joe Hart are waiting to replace Green in the starting XI if the West Ham goalkeeper has to be taken to the mental asylum.

But with hours to go before the encounter, Green insisted his mind was right and he was 100% ready for the game.

“I’m f-f-f-f-f-f-fine thanks,” Green confirmed. “Mentally, I’m 1005 settled. I’m relaxed and calm.

“Why what have you heard? Am I going to play? You’d tell me, right? You know something, don’t you? You know something. Tell me. Tell me now!”

Meanwhile Don Fabio insisted he had confidence in his goalkeeper.

“I have confidence in my goalkeeper,” he said. “I just don’t know which one that is yet.”

* This is constructed from fiction.


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