England Fans: Don’t Question Our Loyalty Or We’re Off



Bill Hack chief football correspondent

England’s life-long supporters have warned Don Fabio Capello’s team not to question their eternal loyalty or they will walk away without hesitation or delay.

The diehard and devoted fans were incensed by England’s inept 0-0 draw with Algeria, which led to sections of the crowd exercising their right to turn their backs on the team at the first sign of trouble.

This prompted star striker Wayne Rooney to question the role of the ‘supporters’ and suggest they may be suffering from an identity crisis.

But the supporters have hit back by defending their ‘freedom to abuse their own team and right to shit on their own door step’ – which are enshrined in the English footballing tradition.

“There is no way I’m going to cheer the team when they need it most,” said one supporter. “That would be condoning it.

“If they question our undying and eternal support for England then we’re off and we’ll find something else to support.”

A chorus of “We’re England till we ‘re bored, we’re England till we’re bored, we know we are, we swear we are, we’re England till we’re bored” rang out round pubs and bars across England during the latter stages of Friday night’s draw.

But the supporters have denied the booing their own team was in anyway unpatriotic or harmful to England’s chances of winning the World Cup.

Meanwhile, the FA are continuing to investigate an alleged breach of security during the game against Algeria.

The FA were alerted to the ‘serious and disturbing intrusion’ after millions of people claimed to have seen a ‘young scaly disrupting play and ruining the match as a spectacle’.

The police are now on the look out for a short man going by the name of Shaun Wright-Philips.


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