Slovenia Coach Warns Players No Easy Games



Bill Hack Chief football correspondent, South Africa

Slovenia coach Matjaz Kek has warned his players there are ‘no easy games in international football’ ahead of their crucial World Cup clash with England today.

Slovenia need only a draw against Don Fabio Capello’s side – a team that has already drawn with USA and Algeria – to progress in the tournament.

But the architect of Slovenia’s bid to reach the second round is determined to guard against any complacency despite the relative weakness of the opposition.

“Look, I know its only England and I know all logic says we should beat them comfortably. But its also true that there are no easy games in international football anymore.

“I remember a time when we could just turn up . But not anymore.

“France proved that when they very nearly upset hosts South Africa.

“England will be well organised, hard to breakdown and we know they are strong and quick – even if they cant pass the ball five yards.

“But if we prepare right, perform to our best, then yes we”ll thrash them 5-1. Its that simple.”

Meanwhile England coach Don Fabio Capello has vowed to secure a top-four finish in Group C ahead of the final showdown tonight, to ensure England enter the qualification stages for the European Championships.

Picture: Independent

* This story was constructed from 92.5% fiction.


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