Phone-in Callers Refuse To Comment

Bill Hack chief football correspondent

England fans across the country have bombarded radio phone-in shows refusing to comment on England’s World Cup exit.

Don Fabio Capello’s team were defeated 4-1 by bitter rivals Germany in the last-16 round on Sunday – a result that shocked the nation and led to deep soul searching.

But England fans refused roll out the familiar cliches and react in kneejerk fashion, instead taking a typically thoughtful and modest approach.

“I’m no expert and have no answers,” said one caller.

“Obviously this is very disappointing. But, after a performance that fell so short of expectations, it is essential to analyse this properly and come to the correct conclusions, however long it takes.

“It would be inappropriate for me to comment for on this matter as I would only be churning out drivel on issues I have little or no practical experience.”

Despite being pressed by the host, the caller insisted he had no further comment to make and ‘could they please stop ringing his house’.

Photo: BBC Sport

* This post is based almost entirely on fiction.


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