Sorry Roy No Money Left – Rafa

Bill Hack chief football correspondent

New Liverpool manager Roy Hodgson has revealed that his predecessor Rafa Benitez left him a note reading “Sorry Roy, no money, no prospects and no hope left”.

Hodgson was officially unveiled as Liverpool’s new manager on Thursday – succeeding Benitez who left the club by mutual dissent before being appointed as Inter Milan boss.

After taking his first days training, the former Fulham boss retired to his office to discover a note from Benitez detailing the extent of the situation at Anfield.

Benitez later denied it was intended to be a private joke – instead insisting it was a rigorous and honest assessment of the club’s situation.

Hodgson said: “When I arrived at my desk I found a letter from the former manager Rafael Benitez. I thought it would offer me some advice on managing such a great club.

“Unfortunately, when I opened it, it was a one-sentence letter which simply said: ‘Dear new manager, I’m afraid to tell you there’s no money left and come to think of it there are no prospects or hope left either,’ which was honest but slightly less helpful advice than I had been expecting.”

Hodgson’s arrival was the second major piece of transfer activity for the club this summer after successfully sacking Benitez for a “bargain” £6million.

It is tradition for departing managers to leave notes to their successors.

When Steve McClaren was sacked from his role as England manager he left a scribbled note that read “sorry for the massive balls up – p.s. don’t trust any of the goalkeepers” before fleeing to Holland.

While Benitez himself received a note from Jose Mourinho when he replaced the new Real Madrid manager at Inter.

Mourinho’s note simply read: “Dear Substitute, Enjoy your sloppy seconds. PS I am going to take all your players.”


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