Fifa Cast English Villain

Bill Hack chief football correspondent

Fifa have denied perpetuating stereotypes by casting English referee Howard Webb as chief-villain for Sunday’s World Cup showpiece.

The World’s governing body was left humiliated after their failure to introduce video technology contributed to England’s exit from the World.

And now Fifa want to gain revenge for all the negative publicity, tedious questions and troublesome press conferences by appointing an English scapegoat for the final between Holland and Spain.

But groups have accused Fifa of perpetuating stereotypes of the English villain so prevalent in Hollywood during the 1980s and 1990s.

“What we are seeing here is a classic case of stereotyping – it’s scandalous,” said an eminent Professor.

“Just because Mr Webb has an English accent and a bald head does not mean he is evil.

“I thought we had moved past all this.”

In response, Fifa chief Septic Blatter said: “Ha, ha, ha – didn’t see that one coming did you.rr

“Fifa will always have the last laugh. Ha, ha, ha.”

* This story is plain wrong.


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