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July 7, 2010

Stevie G vs Jay-T: The Next Episode

Bill Hack chief football correspondent

Jay-T, the footballer formerly known as John Terry, has indicated his willingness to end his feud with bitter rival Stevie G – but the scouse scrapper has rejected his offer of peace.

The bad blood between two of the business’s biggest players has rocked English football and split the nation after Jay-T undermined Stevie G’s status as head of the England crew.

The feud broke out in the middle of England’s World Cup campaign, splitting camp into factions despite team-mate Aaron Lennon’s plea to “give peace a chance”.

Jay-T told SportingBalls: “If Stevie G, wants to come to me, and plead insanity, then we’ll see.

“But if not, then ya know, fuck it! Nuff said – I’ll chuck him down the old apple and pears.”

However, the Cockney Rhymer’s willingness to talk was not matched by Stevie .

He said: “I’ll bery the hatchet mate – right in his back!

“I’d rather die than make up with him…. But don’t tell him dat. He’s got some nasty mates.”

Big Wayne, Cashley C, Shaun “double-barrelled” and the ironically named Li’l PC all sided with Stevie G when the row erupted prior to 1-0 victory over Slovenia in South Africa.

Jay-T’s latest album Life After Death is released next week as a follow up to his hugely successful Blueprint albums.

The feud with former collaborator Stevie G, born Steven George Gerrard, is the latest in a long line of controversies surrounding Jay-T, who has one of the most feared tackles in the game.

Earlier this year he fell out with former best mate Wayne Bridge following an incident with Terry, Bridge’s former girlfriend, a former table and a former unbreakable bond.

* This story is unfortunately not true.