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January 11, 2010

Robinho looks for move away

Manchester City forward Robinho looks set to move this January after placing himself in the shop-window.

The Brazilian superstar, who is said to be disenchanted with life in Manchester, has been spotted by shoppers in a number of London’s high street stores showing off his skills as he attempts to secure a move away from England.

He has reportedly had stints in Harrods front window along with Selfridges and other exclusive stores in the capital. The former Real Madrid man, who fled Manchester after the latest cold snap, has been seen sporting a number of different replica shirts from Barcelona to Sydney FC – but reportedly reacted aggressively when a tried to young fan tried to pace a Manchester City shirt on the him.

One January sales shopper said: “He’s so natural. To start with I couldn’t tell the difference between him and the other manikins. When the focus was not on him, he was so stationary and static – he may as well not have been there at all. Brilliant. He has all the looks as well – moody, disconsolate, dejected – he is a natural model.”

Harrods sales assistant Steve Philips said: “It has been a pleasure to have one of the world’s most talented footballers living in one of our shop windows. It has really pulled the punters in – they have been thrilled with his samba skills and cheeky tricks, but their interest in waning. He has a nasty habit of going missing at crucial times and when we finally track him down he is making a name for himself in the accessories department.

“As much as they love watching him, in the current climate our punters want something more tangible. He may have more luck in Accessorize. Although the £30 million price tag we have attached to his big toe is not helping – its playing havoc with his ball control.

“Ultimately we had to let him go – we were having to divert all the stores heating to keep in his glass cage a constant 85.5 degrees. Anything less and he would get kranky.”

The Brazilian would appear to be maximising his exposure by posing in a range of shops from Harrods through to Tesco and Morrisons. He was last seen on Saturday morning in the Lidl superstore along with fellow Blues player Michael Johnson. Shoppers said he had perfected a new pose – sitting cross-legged, head down and hands cupped and thrust out in front of him.

* Warning this article may no be entirely accurate.